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Audun Amundsen

Audun Amundsen


Audun Amundsen is a Norwegian filmmaker, explorer and videographer. He has travelled the world for many years submerging into a wide range of cultures. 

Amundsen is the co-producer, videographer, director and writer of Newtopia. He is also the producer, videographer and co-director of the documentary Nasi Padang A Viral Adventure.

Newtopia is his debut documentary and will premiere in 2020. It has been 15 years in the making and financed by The Norwegian Film Institute, The Norwegian Art Council, Filminvest, Mid Norwegian Film Center, NHK Japan and VGtv.

Nasi Padang – A Viral Adventure is filmed and ready for post-production. It has recieved funding from Mid Norwegian Film Center and Mid Nordic Film Pitch. It is also commissioned by Gojek Indonesia and VGtv.

Amundsen is also running a test project for alternative online marketing of films funded by The Norwegian Cultural Department through an initiative called Creative Norway. 

Amundsen is an International Member of The Explorers Club which is an international multidisciplinary professional society dedicated to the advancement of field research and the ideal that it is vital to preserve the instinct to explore. He does lectures internationally about traditional cultures and development, and has reached thousands of students over hundreds of lectures in Norwegian schools.

Christian falch

Christian falch


Producer and screenwriter Christian Falch has been the manager for the Norwegian production company GAMMAGLIMT AS since 2003. He is a member of EDN, and graduated from EuroDoc 2013. His past films include titles such as “The Exorcist in the 21st Century”, “Street of Dreams” and “The King and the crook and “Blackhearts”. Falch is also co-producer on several international documentaries in addition to working as a producer for Faction Film AS where he produced the award winning documentary “Two raging grannies” and is currently working on “The Golden Dawn Case” – both with award winning director Håvard Bustnes. His documentaries have been shown all in all at more than 70 different festivals and sold to 20 countries in Europe and beyond.
Anders teigen

Anders teigen


Giljotin Studio is headed by Anders Teigen, the editor of prize winning documentaries like “Big John” (Best Nordic Documentary 2008), “From Prison to Parliament” (Norwegian, Gullstolen Best Documentary 2008), and “The Armwrestler from Solitude” (Swedish Guldbagge Best Documentary 2004). In 2009 he was himself nominated for Best Editing at the norwegian Amanda film awards. In more than 35 documentaries and films since he graduated the Norwegian Filmschool in 2000, he has contibuted to bring interesting characters and important stories to small and big screens.

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